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Compensation & Benefits Surveys

The Sidick-Meyer Group generates much of its business by researching and obtaining guarded salary and benefits information for clients. Individuals occupying positions in which the client is interested are profiled to obtain key responsibilities, level of education, years of experience, specialized training, salary ranges, as well as other pieces of information that may be of interest to the client. Utilizing proven methods, this process provides the client with the most accurate compensation and benefits data that can be used for a number of purposes.

Competitive Organizational Chart Information

The Sidick-Meyer Group will obtain information about the organizational structure of any company at the client's request. Information that can be obtained includes, but is not limited to, employee names, titles, and reporting relationships. An example of other information that may be acquired might be working relationships across departments or work units. This type of strategic information can assist a client in restructuring an existing department or integrating a new work unit into the organization.

Product & Market Research

Clients use product and market research services to learn as much as possible about their competitors' existing product line, product development efforts, strategic marketing plans, and any other business aspects that will provide insight into competitors' business practices and plans for growth.