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"Simple functionality at a reasonable price"

SMG Database

The Sidick Meyer Group (SMG) Candidate Database is ideal for companies that must track candidate qualifications and job vacancies on a limited budget. The database was developed for a niche market based on nearly 10 years of providing professional search services to a wide array of clients. That experience evidenced a need for smaller organizations to have an economical and simple means of tracking job candidates. Many applicant tracking systems (ATSs) on the market are difficult to operate even after spending hours upon hours studying a user's manual. This is likely because those applications incorporate a host of functions that, in all likelihood, are rarely utilized. The SMG Candidate Database is simple and provides a practical level of functionality that does not require a doctoral degree to utilize. Need to identify candidates with a particular skill set? You can do that. Need to identify candidates within a specific geographic area? You can do that. Need to store an electronic resume with a candidate's personal information? You can do that. Need to wirelessly synchronize a candidate's contact information to your Blackberry? Sorry... that's one of the fluff functions that we intentionally left out in order to keep the cost down. Keeping it simple not only maintains an attractive price point but also decreases or eliminates down time a client may experience due to technical glitches. Simplicity rules.

What Can It Do?

It can warehouse all of your candidate and job data and allow you to quickly, efficiently access the information you need. Functionality of the standard SMG Candidate Database includes the following:

  • User-friendly uncluttered interface
  • Independent storage of both candidate and job data
  • Ability to store resume, vita, or other electronic record with candidate data
  • Ability to store position description, job profile, or other electronic record with job data
  • Search for candidates based on name, job title, current employer, location, or via text found within searchable notes fields
  • Notification of candidate follow up dates
  • Unlimited archiving of candidate and job records
  • Generate basic reports containing candidate data or job data

If your organization needs tailored functionality we will work with you to modify the standard database to better suit your needs. Simply tell us what you would like the database to do and you will be provided an estimate of the cost of those modifications based upon a reasonable hourly programming fee.

Simple functionality at a reasonable price. You also get telephone/email support during setup as well as for 30 days following the purchase date. Thereafter, if support is necessary it can be obtained for a reasonable hourly fee as needed - no support contracts to sign or up front fees to pay (did we mention simplicity?).

We're so confident you'll appreciate the simple functionality of the database that you can even preview a fully functional version for a 14 day trial period before purchasing. During this time you can enter data, run queries, and generate reports with live data. When you decide to purchase, any data that you've entered during the trial period will be maintained in the database.

Contact us for a trial version of the SMG Candidate Database. We're confident you'll agree that simplicity rules... and at a reasonable price.